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Saturday, November 8, 2014

NaNoWriMo and other goals...

      So once again, like so many others, I am participating in NaNoWriMo 2014. I am determined to finish at least one of the projects I've been working on this year. But as I decided to write this I realized that everyone has goals. Little ones, big ones, some that seem impossible or even improbable. How do we achieve them? There isn't a NaNoWriMo out there for every little thing.  So where does our support come from? Each other.

I turn 49 this month and I realized that I actually have a few goals besides just writing. So what I'm going to do is combine my word count throughout the next year with some of those goals.

Goal #1-Finish these darn books already! I need to just focus on one story at a time, maybe alternate days or something because I can't completely turn one or the other off and publish at least one before the end of this year!

Goal #2-Journal my journey to 50. I've said before, I procrastinate so this will take some discipline on my part. A lot of discipline. At least once a week, thats 52 journal/blog entries from the time I turn 49 to the day I turn 50. Feel free to follow along if you like.  Me disciplined. Just that alone will make for good reading.

Goal #3-Between this Veteran's Day and next, get back down to my fighting weight. That's 50 lbs in a year. Now this isn't just about vanity, this is about health. My knees HATE my current weight and so do I. Now does this mean I'm going to starve myself? Heck no!  No dieting here, the word 'die' is in diet you know.  No, no, just healthier choices and portions and everything in moderation. Oh yes, and exercise of course. This is my goal without the camouflage.

What do you think? Three minor goals right? No? Crap, help me out here, what do you think?
We'll see I guess.  Now what's my most immediate goal?  Getting to bed, I'm pooped. Night y'all.