Beauty of Fear-Trailer

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I've been remiss….and a bad blogger...

Happy Father's Day! Happy Mother's Day! Happy Summer Vacation! Happy…oh hell…I haven't blogged since Easter!  Yikes…my bad people.

As negligent as I've been with you all I have also been a bit negligent about writing.  Not that I'm not writing, I am, its just that life, love, work, writing…everything has it's time and place.  Gotta pay the bills so work, work, work.

So what motivates you all to pursue what you love to do?  I have found that gardening is amazing for freeing up your mind to your characters, locales, just about everything related to writing.  You know what else frees up your mind? De-cluttering. I think I may just be a borderline hoarder.  I am a bag whore, a sneaker whore, a boot whore, and my lord, how many t-shirts does one person need?!

Anyway, now that the summer is over, it's back to business, the business of writing.  I have a sequel to Beauty of Fear that I need to get back to. I have a young adult story that has been leaking out of me in fits and starts all summer and I have some fanfics to get back to.  

So, what have you all been up to? 

L.E. Perez