Beauty of Fear-Trailer

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The results are in!

So, after 3 days of offering Beauty of Fear for free on Kindle, the results are in!  

  • Over 1300 downloads overall
  • Made it to #13 on kindle free downloads under suspense
  • Passed a Tess Gerritsen, Rizzoli and Isles short in the suspense category
  • And darn it was able to make it available to everyone!
What else?

Website has been revamped!  Thanks to Endee Creative and my wonderful niece Danielle Torres.  We would both love to have some feedback regarding the changes.

Also thanks to her, I was able to complete my book trailer.  I found the music and provided the words and feel.  She found the pictures to make it work, bringing life to my words.  The feedback I've gotten for the trailer?  Creepy

Self publishing is a double edged sword.  It can be as easy or hard as you want it to be.  I chose to self publish through Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing.  The paperback is courtesy of Createspace.  All in all it has been and continues to be a wonderful experience.  Drawbacks?  Self promoting.  Shameless, self promoting…it can take a lot out of you.

Social media really is the key.  There are so many sites and groups out there that can help the aspiring writer, one would be foolish not to take advantage of them all.  

I refuse to rest on my laurels and will continue promote my dream and my next books, all works in progress.  Stay tuned and buckle in…Its going to be a bumpy ride.

L.E. Perez

Friday, January 18, 2013

Free this weekend!!

That's right everyone, Beauty of Fear is available for free this weekend through Amazon.  So, if you don't have a kindle, download your free Kindle app and download the book!

For you old schoolers, the paperback is also available, its just not free, sorry.

Here are some reviews so far:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Beauty of Fear. L.E. Perez captured the fear, the drama and the plight that the main character of Leigh faces and deals with. Also the undercurrent of confusion she feels for the strong gorgeous Jordan, and the intense handsome Rick. The pace is fast, exciting and electric which will capture and enthrall readers and leave them wanting more! …Luckdog

This is one of those books you dive into without realizing it. It's not often that you read something that you can start visualizing immediately , as though you're watching it rather reading it. Intense, suspenseful, well written.
A writer to be watch for in the future. Well done !…M.D.

This book grabs you right from the start and never lets you go. The way Leigh Ramirez is written you can't help but picture her in your minds eye. I found that I got so lost in the story that everything else around me just faded away and I was there in the book. It is not often that I you come across a book that grabs my attention and just pulls me in and this one sure did. I would recommend this to anyone…K. Muter

It's the author's first few words right from the beginning that gives a subtle nod to the reader that what they're about to read will not be some lighthearted, trivial piece of work. And it's also right from the start that you can't help but to become wrapped up in this story which flows so easily, is a quick read and one that I found rather difficult to put down. Throughout the book, I could tell that the author took the time to not only develop this dark story-line, but to also humanize her characters and make them relative. Not just the major characters, but the poor victims as well. It was rather easy to become attached them. This author truly has a knack for telling such an intriguing story. If you're looking for a pretty good thriller/mystery I definitely recommend this one!!!…Mouwed

From the first word to the last, I was hooked. I love crime T.V. and books, this is so well written, you can smell and feel her fear. I'm looking forward to Ms. Perez's next book!…LMMeade

Check it out for yourselves this weekend and leave a review if you would.  Click like on the book page as well.  Darn it, enjoy it!

Also, in case you haven't noticed, my webpage is undergoing a bit of a transformation thanks to my talented niece.  I'd love to hear what you think and any suggestions you may have for improving the site.

Chat soon…


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friendly persuasion...

So you all know about David Letterman's Top Ten list, right?  Well a friend of mine, unbeknownst to me did one for my book and posted it on Facebook.  Too funny not to share.

Courtesy of Erin Mouw

10. You enjoy reading.
9. You're looking for something new and fresh to read.
8. You're looking for a new author to follow.
7. You really enjoy reading mysteries.
6. You especially enjoy reading suspenseful murder mysteries.
5. You're looking for a great page turner that you can't seem to put down.
4. And though suspenseful, the author interlaced it with touching familial moments and humor.
3. You like strong characters.
2. And this author enjoys writing stories with strong female leads/heroines, which this book has with Leigh Ramirez.
1. Oh for goodness sake! I've already given you 9 good reasons to buy the first novel of this great author and my good friend. (And no, she didn't pay me to do this. And yes, I actually do have friends!! Sheesh!) So what are you waiting for? Go buy the book already!!

Beauty of Fear on AMAZON!

I have to admit, I was surprised and humbled that she did this, and beyond appreciative.  Thank you Erin.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Here we go again!!

ROW80-Round 1 goals for 2013!

Well, thanks to ROW80 and NaNoWriMo in November, I finally completed my first novel. It's been a work in progress for over 11 years...geez..

Needless to say I won't be waiting another 11 years. My goals are simple this time around. Add 20,000 words to my existing 3000 for the sequel, Silence of Fear.

Only one problem though. In my head is more than one story so maybe I should clarify. 20,000 overall words. I'm going to add a tracker to my site to track my count, if I can figure that out. Helps to hold me accountable. I have so enjoyed participating in this and hope to be a sponsor in the near future. For now though I need to be held to the fire!

So I need help…If you see my muse hanging out at the apple store or the mall, send the bitch home will you!.  She needs to stay close so I can get done.

Here's my vision for my YA character Ariana Castillo.

She's in my head and not going anywhere….but then so are my characters from my Fear series…What to do, what to do…I know…minimum 1200 words a day on either story.  Support others authors where I can and celebrate the release of my first novel.

Those are my goals for the first ROW80 of 2013.

Trying to encourage my granddaughter to join in…Her mind is nuttier than mine.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!  It's been a heck of a year for quite a few of us.  My family alone has had its shares of ups and down this year, ending with a sadness that no one expected.

2013 is our chance to change that!  

I have been blessed to know a lot of truly special women in my lifetime. I want to mention just three today:

My mother Laura, who would stay up into the night after working all day and then taking care of house and home just to write.  I am thankful to still have her in my life at 82 years young.

My mother in law, Paulita, who passed away to young on December 16th. She raised a family of 8 and an extended family made up of in laws, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She is sorely missed.

My Tia Ramonita who even past 90 years of age would ask about me specifically and when she would be coming to my house…God rest your soul.

All three women encouraged me in every way and in different ways, regardless of where my ideas took me, be it painting, drawing or writing.  I value their words and hear them today.  I still relish the talks I have with my mother, even when she's being ornery, I hope that never changes.

There is one young lady who I haven't mentioned and that is my daughter, Angelina.  She has always been there for me. Thank you baby...

All of this being said, I know that they are and would be proud that I met my goals this year to be published.

And last but not least, where would I be without my love of almost 23 years?  Thank you my love for your never ending support and love... and bring on 2013!  

In the works? 
A sequel to Beauty of Fear tentatively titled Silence of Fear.  
A young adult sci-fi/fantasy book featuring fifteen year old Ariana Castillo, a girl who discovered her destiny and all that was possible when she finally decided to BELIEVE…
And of course, I will continue updating my fanfics on

Links to my book, kindle and print are available on this site and on my Facebook page.

L.E. Perez