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Saturday, September 29, 2012

What If...

Half a lifetime ago, (23 years, do the math). I had an accident with a skateboard. Not your typical accident, no broken bones or scrapes at all. No in my youthful infinite wisdom I was doing a trick where I jumped over the board after doing an Ollie....I miscalculated and landed, straddling the skateboard.

29" inseam + 32" skateboard = OMG!

Should have died that day...would have if not for the someone special in my life today...we didn't know it then but we were destined to be together, just as I was destined to survive the damage I did. The word Femoral artery was tossed around, transfusions were necessary, muscle needed reattached, next of kin had to be notified...I could go on...

Anyway, this week I was reminded by my doctor of just how fortunate I am to be alive after that accident. I shouldn't be here is what I was told. Makes you think, made me think...what if...

Thank you my love...always

L.E. Perez

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