Beauty of Fear-Trailer

Thursday, September 6, 2012


"What do you do when fear is killing you?"  Hmmm seems I remember hearing that line in a Rizzoli and Isles episode, Season 2 Premiere, "We Don't Need Another Hero"  I love that line, its something I'm sure we all wonder about.  Can fear kill you?

Depends,  if fear stops you from doing something to save yourself, then yes!  It can.  Can the emotion kill you?  Again, depends, fear is one of those all body emotions that can not only change your body chemistry but also your thought process.  That's the beauty of it. Hence the tentative title of my novel, Beauty of Fear. 

 Imagine this, a beautiful blue moon reflected on the ocean.

Now imagine this, that same beautiful moon spilling over with blood. 
The moon is still beautiful but its reflection is not. No longer innocent, peaceful, now it is dark and foreboding.  What lies beneath?  What should I fear?
Guess you'll have to read to find out won't you?

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