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Sunday, September 30, 2012

ROW80 Challenge- Round 4!

Yep, I'm doing it again dammit, participating in ROW80 and this time I will be achieving my goals.  For this round, not only will I write daily, I will complete my manuscript, edit it and forward to my betas for some bloodying of their own.  

I have procrastinated long enough and I have made a promise to myself that I will finish this year.  With my family's support I know I can accomplish my goals.  I am so close I can taste it.  Word count isn't even the issue, just plain writing and dedicating myself to my work.

I have found Scrivener to be a tremendous help and also discovered that I am very old school.  Had to print up what I had to read and bloody a bit just get into my character's heads again.

Throughout my ROW80 updates I will also attempt introduce everyone to my main characters.  I'd love to know what folks think of them…

If anyone is interested in participating, here's the link: ROW80-Round 4

Tomorrow is Day One of the challenge, wish me luck and to all the others participating, Godspeed.

L.E. Perez

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What If...

Half a lifetime ago, (23 years, do the math). I had an accident with a skateboard. Not your typical accident, no broken bones or scrapes at all. No in my youthful infinite wisdom I was doing a trick where I jumped over the board after doing an Ollie....I miscalculated and landed, straddling the skateboard.

29" inseam + 32" skateboard = OMG!

Should have died that day...would have if not for the someone special in my life today...we didn't know it then but we were destined to be together, just as I was destined to survive the damage I did. The word Femoral artery was tossed around, transfusions were necessary, muscle needed reattached, next of kin had to be notified...I could go on...

Anyway, this week I was reminded by my doctor of just how fortunate I am to be alive after that accident. I shouldn't be here is what I was told. Makes you think, made me think...what if...

Thank you my love...always

L.E. Perez

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Manuscript review...

Good grief!  This is surely a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I've been using Scrivener a writing program to help me get organized, which has helped, but I also came to the realization that I am much more old school than I thought.  Damned if I don't need hardcopy of my work to "bloody up" as it were.  That's where I am right now…bloodying.

Bloody Hell!   (ooh nice image)

Anyway, my mind goes in a bunch of different directions and now to top it off, an idea popped in my head for a another book-Young Adult fantasy…Grrrr….I think I have a problem…

Let's see what else…hmmm…oh yeah…that funny blog I turned you all onto…getting funnier…hehehe, so I stopped to read that too.

Okay…back to work now.  I have betas waiting for this thing so they can have a hand at bloodying it up too…C'est la vie…

Oh, almost forgot,  here's the blog link:  Me, a cockroach?
It's also listed on my homepage under links or favorite blogs.


L.E. Perez

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Funny new blog I found...

Well found is used a bit loosely, helped motivate mostly...

I highly recommend you all follow this blog.  Funny insights, comical moments and chaos ensue.  Besides that it will help you crack a smile.

And My Stripper Name will be...

That's right, you're seeing the title correctly  and no this is not porn, though….sorry, I digress..Seriously though I expect to see great things.  Hmmm, actually embarrassing, silly, aha! moments more than great.

You won't be disappointed!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Request for readers...

This is out of the norm for me but I want unbiased feedback, and while the friends I have reading my WIP (work in Progress) try to be objective, they are still my friends, so...

I am looking for one or two individuals who would be willing to read through my drafts and offer critique.  Constructive of course.  I'm looking for someone who enjoys reading suspense/crime drama.  Who can objectively tell me, "this is a bunch of crap..." or "Wow...when will it be available?"

Catch my drift?

The teaser for the story is :

The First one died to pique her interest
The Second to touch her soul
The Third one died to steal her peace,
The Fourth, makes Fear his goal.

If you are wondering what kind of a writer I am and why you should bother, I'd recommend that you read a fanfic or two or even some of the poetry I've written.  Might give you a better feel.

So, what do I need from you?
Well your name for one, and your contact info (email or twitter). Plus briefly tell me why you would like to do this...It is not for the faint hearted :)

Drop me a line on the chat with me/contact me link and let me know....


L.E. Perez

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love is Why...

A brief poem in Just a few words...

Love is Why

In life we often wonder why the suffering and pain doesn't stop. Like Job in the bible we are forced to go through the trials of life only to smile at the end when life wins. Life wins the moment we pass, if we've been Lucky enough to enjoy a life filled with hope. Pain, joy and sorrow. oft times we feel jealousy, that those who have left us no longer suffer And yet we ignore the sorrow they felt as they pass. The family, friends and loved ones they left, all to suffer quietly, silently, in the absence of light. 

Pain Reminds us that we breathe
Angst reminds us why we cry
Loss reminds us what we yearn for
Love is why we don't die

Monday, September 10, 2012

Why do I write?

See, here's the thing.  I already have so many thoughts and ideas running through my head that if I didn't write my head might just explode.
Some of you know what I mean, this burning overwhelming idea or thought pops into your head and you're like whoa!  Where did that come from?  Me, I have to write them down.  The most obscure tidbit is sometimes more than enough to build a story on.
I remember watching my mother write well into the night at the kitchen table, with her manuscript printed out and being edited as she put the pencil in her mouth, typed a few more words where she was doing a rewrite and still go to work the next day.  I worried for her and envied her.  The discipline she had to write what needed to be written.

Today I can say I have become my mother.  I let everything else come before my writing, everything. 
I wanted to write before but I put it off, didn't have time, not worth it, etc.  I have so many unfinished ideas, novels, short stories...sheesh.  But one thing I realized I had stopped doing was reading.  My mom read, a lot.  I did too, but life somehow got in the way one day and I let it.
Last year I started reading avidly again.  Okay, let's be honest, as my honey can attest, I became a voracious reader again and with that, the creative juices started to flow and spill over.  I was doing yardwork when the idea for my first Fanfic popped in my head. The Season 2 premiere for Rizzoli and Iles was looming and I had done a search on the internet for info on premiere and found fan fiction...Who knew?
There were great stories there and I tried imagining doing it and thought, nope, no way.  Then came the yardwork. 
I love Stephen King and his advice to folks on becoming a writer is to write, just write.  So I did.  Fanfics and the feedback from folks have helped me become a better writer.  A more confidant writer.  Am I still scared?  No.  Terrified yes...because now expectations have changed.  I expect more from myself.  I love hearing from folks and knowing that I made them feel what was going on in the story I wrote.  Lately I've been making people cry and all I can say is thank you.  Because without readers and reviewers I wouldn't ever know if what I write makes you feel, you know escape into the story.
You see, that's why I write.  To help others feel what the characters feel.  Cry when they cry, laugh when they do and throw something when you can feel their frustration through the page, or e-reader, or smartphone (pick your poison)...ESCAPE....
I hope to one day become a good writer, until then, I will write and write and write...


Thursday, September 6, 2012


"What do you do when fear is killing you?"  Hmmm seems I remember hearing that line in a Rizzoli and Isles episode, Season 2 Premiere, "We Don't Need Another Hero"  I love that line, its something I'm sure we all wonder about.  Can fear kill you?

Depends,  if fear stops you from doing something to save yourself, then yes!  It can.  Can the emotion kill you?  Again, depends, fear is one of those all body emotions that can not only change your body chemistry but also your thought process.  That's the beauty of it. Hence the tentative title of my novel, Beauty of Fear. 

 Imagine this, a beautiful blue moon reflected on the ocean.

Now imagine this, that same beautiful moon spilling over with blood. 
The moon is still beautiful but its reflection is not. No longer innocent, peaceful, now it is dark and foreboding.  What lies beneath?  What should I fear?
Guess you'll have to read to find out won't you?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What to do when your thoughts are all over the place...

There are times when I think there is something wrong with me.  I can have a hundred thoughts in my head, different stories or poems, or fanfic updates to write but I can't write a single thing.  Focus…It is sometimes so darn hard to focus.  We find everything to do but write.  Work, chores, life and then you have the time…or do you?

I now have a wonderful chair to write in and a wonderful laptop desk.  I find myself writing more and more and I love it, but it scares me too.  Silly huh?  I think the story I'm working on is a good one and I hope others feel the same.  With fanfic its a little easier.  Instant feedback, you know?  Oh well, what's life without a little risk.

Speaking of fanfic, apparently I've been nominated in a few categories for a Rizzles Fanfic Award.
My fanfic name is Honorcpt.  If anyone is interested in voting for any of my works there, please do.  You can vote up to 3 times.
Nominations are in the following categories:
Best Author:  honorcpt
Best Season 1 Finale: Fear and All Its Beauty
Best Season 2 Finale: Dear Maura
Best Angst/Drama: Dear Maura
Best Original Character: Jordan in Random Targets
Best Crossover: Random Targets

I was a bit shocked actually to find myself nominated in so many categories but tickled as well, who knew?  Anyway, the link to vote is

On another note, I will be updating/revising my website in the near future.  My niece Danielle has graciously offered to help for which I am extremely grateful.  She is a graphic designer with her own company, with a partner of course.  You can touch base with her here,

She's up and coming! Hopefully so am I :D  Talk to you all soon...