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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back on Track!!!

Got a bit derailed in my personal life which translated into being derailed in my writing…since last posting though I've been able to write another 1500 words.  Not where I wanted to be but at least I was able to get some ideas down.  Tomorrow is check in day for ROW80 and I may not get a chance to check in so I'm doing it now.  I've tentatively named my story The Beauty of Fear.  When you consider that it deals with a bit of murder and mayhem, you may be able to guess that the only one fear is beautiful for is my killer…then again…anyway…if you're interested, you can read the prologue to this story on this site.  I would really love any feedback you are willing to give….and my vow is that tomorrow, Sunday, minimum 2000 words!


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