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Monday, February 20, 2012

A simple poem...

I am not who I was
Nor am I who I am
I have no form, no thought
I care no longer for the world and its ways
Without a thought, without a breath
No more than a whisper in this life
I leave as I came
With nary a sound nor a glance.
It is not in me to desist
Nor is it in me to give up
And yet the burden of life weighs heavily
The yoke of responsibility cuts deep
Happiness is but a glimmer, a dream, a want
Yet the rising sun, the sound of waves crashing
Signal an awakening, a renewal.
With the incoming tide we are borne on a swell of hope
That there is meaning to our pain
A meaning to our journey
Finding one person to help shoulder your burden,
To see you through the pain.
That friend awaits you on that beach
Sitting silently in the distance
Your soul smiles as your pain eases
Knowing who awaits you up ahead
It is the friend to shoulder your burden,
Who will save you from despair
You sit shoulder to shoulder
No words need be said

A simple poem for a simple life…take a moment to appreciate the person this poem represents to you…life is short.  Till next time…


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  1. I've read this one several of my favorites.